Ox Chair
Modern Classic Collection

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Dimension: 100W x 102D x 87H(cm)

Material : Leather + Stainless Steel Legs

The Ox-chair is from 1960, padded, covered with Ox hide and as strong and distinctive as a bull, but raised off the floor by strong legs in chromium-plated steel.
It possible to sit comfortably in many different ways so that one can change position continuously - Only then can one sit really comfortably.
The majority of Wegner's chairs are related to nature being designed of wood. The Ox-chair, with its use of leather and steel, is in contrast to this. The chair does contain a wooden frame, but this is covered by the leather.
The Ox-chair is an example of how Wegner was inspired to create an original design by an element that does not belong in the world of furniture.
The Ox-chair combines a large corpus in leather with a light steel construction in the legs. It is both stable and light.


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