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    • Φ:14 H:30cm
    • Φ:25 H:60 cm
    • Φ:35 H:71
    • Φ:42 H:80

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    Iconic designs. Uncompromised quality. Impressive prices.

    • 1000s of customers
      1000s of customers
    • +300.000 happy customers
      +300.000 happy customers

    The product

    For product enquiry, kindly email to sales@lush-lush.com

    Dimension: Φ:14 H:30 / Φ:25 H:60 / Φ:35 H:71 / Φ:42 H:80(cm)

    Materials: glass/carbon steel

    Watt: E27 1*100W

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    The details

    • Type : Pendant
    • Vendor : Lush Furniture
    • Size: Φ:14 H:30cm, Φ:25 H:60 cm, Φ:35 H:71, Φ:42 H:80
    • SKU : 406S1

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