(180 x 190 x 24)

BEFORE: $999.00 $899.00 SGD

(150 x 190 x 24)

BEFORE: $899.00 $799.00 SGD

(90 x 190 x 24)

BEFORE: $299.00 $199.00 SGD

(107 x 190 x 24)

BEFORE: $349.00 $249.00 SGD

why choose  snug  mattress?

10 Years Warranty

Get a 10-Year Warranty for your mattress and pillow. That'a decade of coverage for deterioration and physical flaws despite normal usage and handling.

Removable Zipper Cover

It's easy to clean. It's easy to change mattress covers. Just unzip it.

Latex - Memory Foam - High Density Foam

A special blend of materials to help create a mattress that is comy and breathable plus with pressure-relieving properties to get the strain off your neck, shoulders and spine.

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