Since Lush is a local company, why are your products priced as extravagantly as other imported products? Can't the furniture be produced in places where production costs will be lower?

Although LUSH is a local establishment, we pride ourselves by working with suppliers & manufacturers from all over the globe & adhere to international standards in order to remain as competitive as we can against other renowned companies. We are currently exporting our products into the global market and you can be sure to enjoy our furniture at international standards but the most reasonable prices as we strive to continue in seeking the best partners available in the market. We aim to work out what is best for our consumers.

What is the country of origin of your products? Are you able to produce any proof that your furniture are made overseas?

As we work with suppliers and highly established manufacturers from different parts of the world who are rich in experience and almost ingenious in their areas of expertise, it will be the least of your worry about the quality of your furniture being compromised.

Irregardless of the fact that we do not provide proof/certificate of origin of manufacture, Lush would like to firmly assure you that every piece of furniture you purchase from our collection is carefully selected by us, from our highly reputable partners worldwide. Your purchase from Lush will be your best assurance.

Do you provide warranty for your products?

We do have limited warranties for all our structure/frames used in upholstery & other leather products, stitches & foam, hardware & other materials. All that needs to be done is to complete a warranty form with any of our friendly staff. They will be glad to address your concerns.

What does 'limited warranty' means?

Lush will be more than glad to offer unlimited warranties but regretably, some situations do not permit us to do so. As we all know, all furniture will ultimately be subjected to wear & tear after use. Therefore, we strongly advise all our customers to be more mindful of their usage & the way they handle their furniture, in order to ensure that they get to enjoy their carefully selected purchases for as long as they please.