Why Buy A Customize Sofa?

Oct 27, 2017 0 Comments
Why Buy A Customize Sofa?

Shopping for a Sofa? Pondering over sizes, designs or upholstery choices?  If you are looking for that special sofa, our customize sofa Collection will be your one stop destination to cater for all your needs. 

It’s actually simple and hassle-free, we will present you four easy steps to follow when you order a customize sofa:

1) Design. Think about the theme for your house, type of shape like low back minimalist style or high back cosy and snug feel as these will help you narrow down on your choice.

2) Configuration. How many persons the sofa needs to cater to, L-shape sofa for big family and also if you like to lounge while watching tv, facing of the L shape also important. Couple seat if you do not want to clutter your space or 3-seater if you want it as a makeshift bed in case somebody staying over.

3) Measurements. Once you shortlist the model you like, time to decide on the sizes whether you want it proportionate to your feature walls or flushing with the walls. A Seater sofa can be from 120cm to 210cm so measure in advance what will be the length required. Reminder that if you are staying in an apartment, max length of sofa that can enter most lift at 210cm (except some older estate may have to check in advance).

4) Materials. Now we are approaching the final and most important part of customizing the sofa which is the upholstery. Decide whether you opting for the fun pop colours fabric may offer you or the posh luxury leather sofa you been dreaming about, factor in your budget and also lifestyle which type will suit you better. Just to let you know that most of customize sofa covers can be removed for washing and also we are using full top grains leather so that the effort you take to create these sofas will serve you many years on.

Drop by our showroom and chat with our friendly sales staff who will guide you along to create the sofa of your choice.

Lastly, we want to correct most people mind-sets that customize equal to high cost, Lush will show you why with our special price of $799 for a 2 seater love couch from our customize sofas Collection ! Terms and conditions apply!