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What are the types of sofa? Yes, there are so many types of sofa for sale in the market today and choosing the right one for your living space can be overwhelming. So Lush Ideas is giving you the top five types of sofa popular in furniture shops today.



Settee is popularly called “love seat” and has space for two persons to sit comfortably. This is type of sofa is great for your entryway or small living space.




Chesterfield is a large couch that has deep button tufting on the back. This type of sofa is often curved outward at the top and its arms and back are of equal height. Chesterfield can give the chic flair to your living room.




Cabriole sofa has legs curved outward and down and this type of sofa was popular in the 18th century. How to spot a Cabriole sofa? Look for the continuous style of the curved back. The arms and back forms a curvy line and its arms are slightly curved and bent inwards as if hugging the sofa.


Sectional sofa


Sectional sofa is a thing today. You can customize this type of sofa depending on the number of sofas you can put together and how it can be arranged usually in U-shape or L-shape. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sofa, this one is for you.  (Psst! Don’t forget to check Lush’s promo this October for customized sofa priced from $799.)



Tuxedo is from the Art Deco Era. It’s easy to spot a Tuxedo sofa as its back and arms are of the same height like the Chesterfield sofa. Usually the inside of a Tuxedo is tufted. This type of sofa is timeless and at the same modern. Looking for Tuxedo sofa for sale? (Hey! Check out Lush’s elegant Tuxedo sofa specially priced this month. Don’t miss it! You won’t regret it.)


Sofa is an important furniture in any space of your home. Sofa adds beauty and personality to your living room and bedroom. A sofa can be your home’s showstopper and all you need is just ONE sofa.

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