“I just moved in to a new apartment and I want to make it really nice and comfy but there’s not much space for furniture. The apartment is a bit small. What can I do?”

Most people would say complain about having not enough space for new furniture. But in fact, it’s not about having enough space. It’s all about efficiently using the small space to beautify your small apartment. Today, we present to you top five furniture pieces that every small apartment should have to make living spaces hip, well-designed and organized.  

Soho Coffee Table


1) Coffee table – A beautiful centerpiece in your living room that you can use during casual meals with guests or put your tired feet on it after a long day at work. Choose a coffee table that is sturdy and decorate it with pretty accents.




2) Stools - Place your stack of stools in a corner to save space. Stools are perfect if you don’t have space for bulky chairs and large sofas. When you need more seating for guests, you can simply unstack the stools.

Limon Standing Mirror



3) Big Mirror – Mirrors add illusion to a room. To make small rooms look bigger, install a large mirror to make your small space look brighter and bigger. To bring in extra natural lighting, put your mirror across a window.

Foldable Table



4) Foldable table - Super space efficient. Foldable table is perfect space-savers. You can just fold the table if not in use and unfold it when you have guests at home and you need additional dining table. Check out Lush’s foldable table available at an amazingly low price of $ 39! Order now!


5) Storage bins - Storage bins make great organizers. Another trick in designing a small room is using glass jars or storage baskets to sort things to get rid of clutter and mess in the house.


Bonus tips: pick the right paint color for your rooms. Colors can complement furniture and decors in your apartment. For small apartments, you can pick a color to make room feel brighter and bigger. 

To make space feel larger choose these colors: swirling smoke, Hale Navy, Cloud White and Skylight. Go for neutrals and light colors. If you use saturated paint colors, just remember to balance out the color with soft neutrals. You don’t want your room to be to too overwhelming.

To make ceilings look taller, paint your wall and trim the same paint color. Also hang curtain close to the ceilings to make ceilings appear higher.

The next time you complain about having a small space, think about the essentials. Remember to pick the right furniture and place them in the right places of your room.

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