Lush Top Five Furniture Inventors

Sep 29, 2017 0 Comments
Lush Top Five Furniture Inventors

Do you know that September 29 is World Inventors Day?

Today, we recognize the contributions of inventors in our society. We celebrate the brainpower and creativity of world-known inventors such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein and Leonard da Vinci.

Of course, who would forget Bill Gates for inventing Microsoft and, yes, Steve Jobs for coming up with iPod, iPhone OS and the iPhone 4.

All these inventors paved the way for the rise of more functional and entertaining technology that we all are taking advantage today.

At Lush, we would like to introduce five furniture inventors who gave indispensable contributions to modern architecture and furniture design:

1. Sarah E. Goode (1855-1905) invented the folding cabinet bed. The idea came out of necessity as during her time, most were living in small homes and had minimal amount of living space. Most didn’t have enough room to store things or add furniture in the house. Sarah invented a bed that folds up and transforms into a desk with small space for storage. Her invention was the precursor of the murphy bed. Sarah Goode paved the way for other African Americans to make their own inventions and get patents for them.

2. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886 – 1969) was a German-American architect and was the last director of the Bauhaus, a seminal school in modern architecture. He is known for his design quotes: “less is more” and “God is in the details”. Mies collaborated with Lilly Reich and designed the well-liked Barcelona chair and Barcelona table, the Brno chair and the Tugendhat chair.  (Psst! Check out Lush Barcelona Chair and Barcelona Table. Such beauties! You’ll love them!)

3. Marcel Lajos Breuer (1902- 1981) is a Hungarian-born furniture designer and modernist. He is known for the Wassily Chair, one of the most identifiable examples of Bauhaus design.  The Wassily Chair (club chair) is one of the world’s most iconic furniture pieces. Another popular furniture artworks of Breuer is the Cesca Chair, named after his daughter Francesca.

4-5. Charles Ormond Eames, Jr. (1907 – 1978) and Bernice Alexandra Eames (1912 -1988) were husband and wife American designers known for their well-known Eames Lounge Chair. The Eames couple founded technologies such as plastic resin chairs, wire mesh chairs and fiberglass furniture. The Eames Molded Plastic and Fiberglass chair appeared on the market in 1950. The chair comes in difference colors and bases.

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