How To Decorate Your Dining Table

Jan 30, 2018 0 Comments
How To Decorate Your Dining Table

A representation of wealth and prosperity, your dining table is an important furniture piece in your home. Your dining table is important as it is a place where you dine with guests and family to share a sumptuous meal or a meaningful conversation over coffee or tea.  

So, how to decorate a dining table? You ask.

This year it’s time to upgrade your dining table to a more interesting and classy space that reflects the kind of mood you want for your dining area. To a more fun and great dining experience (next to having delish food on the table), here are some simple tips and tricks to decorate your dining table:

1) Decorate with fruit. Group fruits according to color and display them in transparent bowls or containers. Place the bigger fruits at the bottom and smaller fruits on top. Fruits with soft textures should always be on top. You can also use fruits as natural décor accents.

2) Decorate with plants. Make your dining area extra special by decorating your table with house plants. If your dining room is a well-lilt room, go for succulents or cactus plants. These type of plants need plenty of sunlight. Snake plants can be good focal point for your dining table. Snake plants are low maintenance and is recommended to improve air quality inside the room.

3) Use a vase as a focal point. . There are a variety of shapes and colors for vases, so choose one that speaks to your style. You can add flowers to your vase and create an attention-grabbing flower arrangement. If you don’t like to put flowers in your vase, you can group your vases on your dining table to create a striking arrangement.

4) Decorate with candles. . Be creative in using candles in decorating your dining table. You can go for floating candles and flowers as a centerpiece. Or, you can use candles of assorted colors and sizes on a tray.

Elegant and Trendy Dining Tables


Before you start decorating your dining tables, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade this year to a more chic and classy dining table. It’s exciting to have a new dining table where you can share meals with your love ones and important guests at home or even in your office if you have a pantry.

Here are our top picks for this quarter’s trendy and chic dining tables for your home or office:


Extendable Tables

And if you are into space-saving tables, we have these two extendable tables where you can adjust to make room for one or two additional guests.

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So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your dining room with a new dining table and dining chairs for a more trendy and modern look.

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