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Decorating a small bedroom shouldn’t be a problem. You can do so much with a small bedroom space. The key to decorating small spaces is finding the right furniture pieces to bring life and personality to a plain-looking bedroom.

Here are five bedroom decorating tips to help you give your small bedroom its needed make-over:

  • Think boutique. Most boutique hotels have small rooms so take inspiration from them. Your bed can make a difference to how your bedroom looks. Go for padded headboards, and comfortable pillows. Add a small bedside table, like this Cubic Side Table or Glock Side Table from Lush furniture shop, to make space for a cup of coffee.
  • Headboard. Utilize the space around the headboard like making shelves around it. Be creative and think about functionality of your bedroom furniture. You can use a headboard as a bookshelf too. Use space-saving furniture to make the most out of your bedroom space and to store and organize your personal things.  Look for storage in uncommon places.
Use light colors to add illusion of space to  your small bedroom.
    • Color wisely. Colors give attitude and personality to your bedroom. Light colors give an illusion of space while dark colors tend to close in. To make small bedrooms look larger, use light colors for your walls and bedroom furniture.
    • Use mirrors. When you use mirrors to style your small bedroom, use it as an element. Maximize natural light coming from your windows. Place mirrors opposite or near windows so the light can bounce around. Also you can use this trick to hide a walk-in closet when you use mirrors as cabinet fronts.

    Use baskets to organize things in your small bedroom.

    • Basket them. Baskets are both functional and adorable for your bedroom. And of course, your baskets can hide a lot of things too. Baskets add texture to any room. You can choose colored baskets too to five flavour to your bedroom.

    Pick furniture pieces that speak the kind of atmosphere you want for your bedroom. Make sure that your furniture pieces are in harmony and completes the look of your small room.

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