Dining Room: Modern Decorating Tips

Oct 11, 2017 0 Comments
Dining Room: Modern Decorating Tips

Read these simple modern decorating tips for small dining rooms. Easy to remember and easy to follow tips to beautify your living space.

 1) Choose shelves. If you have a small dining area, sideboards and china cabinets can take so much space in your room. The solution is to use floating shelves instead. Floating shelves are space-efficient as these are customizable to your needs and space.

2) Use drapery. To give your dining room a grand ambiance, use luxurious curtains near the ceiling. With the right fabric and pattern, your dining room can turn into colourful and elegant room.


3) Pops of colour. To cheer up a small dining room, use pops of colour like pink, red or orange to bring energy and vitality to the room.

4) Use linens. Make your dining table exceptional with a fabric. Coordinate the colours of your tablecloths, napkins, aprons and blinds to make your dining table the centre of your room. You can try a floral tablecloth for your dining table, paired with a vase of fresh flowers on top of it.



5)Pick the right dining table. Pick a dining table that can be both functional and a thing of beauty in your dining room. And because Lush is celebrating its 12th anniversary, Lush has a special dining bundle just for you!

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