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Add a quick twist to your living room with cushions. Most of the time, we forget how cushions can easily change the feel, look and personality of your couch and living room. If you’re tired of your boring living room, add fun and stylish cushions on your couch to instantly change the mood.

If you pick the right cushions for your room, it can bring all design elements together in harmony. So this week, we bring you the cushion designs to instantly change your room:


1. Feminine and delicate prints.

2. Black and white.

3. Go geometric.

4. Animal Prints.

5. Scenic designs.

Now, apart from picking the right cushion prints, there are also other factors to consider when choosing the cushions for your sofa.

For a modern look, go for three or five cushions. Go for a limited color palette and big geometric prints. If you like having lots of color, remember to get them away from a piece of art inside your room.

For traditional look, go for pairs of pillows like two or four cushions arranged on either side of the couch to give a sense of symmetry. A printed cushion and a coordinating solid color will help complete the look.

No matter what kind of look you want to achieve in your room, make sure you pick the right cushion designs to bring out and complement the kind of style and mood you want for your sofa or living room.  The latest collection of cushions from Lush:

Thousands of designs to choose from

Excellent digital prints

Durable linen

Has inner fabric cover


Invisible zipper


100% Fibrefill only

So hurry now and head to the Lush website and choose from our thousands of cushions designs. Click here to start browsing our collections: I want cushions!