Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you clean and declutter your bedroom.

1) Mind the chair. Clean your chair, take off whatever items or clothes you have on your chair. Don’t ruin a pretty chair by making it look like a laundry zone. Fold your clothes and tuck them in a drawer or lidded basket.

2) Clean the top of your dresser. If you’re one of those who dumps things on top of your dresser, try adding a wastebasket in your room for tissues or receipts. Or add a cup for your coins, a letter sorter for your bills and a clear bowl for jewelry. Adding bowls or decorative storage boxes can prevent pieces from filing up on your dresser.

3) Declutter your nightstand. Keep your nightstand a clean sweep. Empty your drawers and put back what you only need nightly or weekly. Take out finished magazines or books. Stick to the six-book only on display rule.

4) No footwear on the floor. Use baskets or boxes to store shoes and slippers. You can snuggle these boxes into a savvy bench or under a simple ottoman at the foot of the bed. Hide this storage with a white blanket.

5) Hang your necklaces. You don’t need anything fancy except colorful push pins. To keep your jewelry from tangling, hang them on your wall or behind a closet to create a stylish and organized area.

6) Store items under the bed. Don’t waste the space under your bed. Use baskets, bags or boxes to stash bed linens or non-essentials under the bed.

7) Color code. Arrange everything in your closet by color. This is not an easy task but sorting your clothes is the easiest way to go through your wardrobe. It’s easy to pick out what to wear when you have your closet organized this way.

8) Use the doors. Install hooks at the back of the door to utilize storage space. You can hang your jackets, robes, coats, hats, scarves or belts at the back of the door.